Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 11: Lasagna

I had nothing to do this afternoon. Nothing. No exam, children all elsewhere. It was bliss.

So while I watched Julie & Julia on my new tv/computer in the kitchen (apparently it was on the 'need' list, not the 'want' list) I made a lasagna.

Actually, I started it while having a cuppa with a beautiful friend, Cat, who happens to be the best photographer in Newcatle/Lower Hunter/Medowie area....check out her website at Photography by Catherine Burford. Amazing photographer.

Anyway, I digress. This is a favourite dish in this house, and while Miss Fussy won't eat it (what does she eat - oh sorry thats right, sausages...) Big Mudpie, Big Butterfly and Little Mudpie devour it every time it is served to them.

Unfortunately for them it went into the freezer. It is for Monday night when we get back from our trip away to see a new beautiful baby (and our gorgeous friends and their three beautiful boys too). I might even have photos for you :) Babies, don't move much, right?

That is why I like taking photo's of food, because it stays still. My children don't. That's why I have Cat.

Now another quick thing, I have changed it so everyone can comment on the blog, not just Google users. Also, no Mum, I am not ignoring you, I promise that recipes are coming :P

Does that look good? It was. 8/9 serves were frozen, 1/9 serves was my dinner. And it was delicious.

As mentioned above, (obviously still in essay mode there...) we are heading off on an epic journey of discovery tomorrow for 4 days. There won't be any blog updates until I get back, sorry.

However, when I get back, be prepared to be bombarded with photo's of a house with 8 children ranging from 7 years to 3 weeks and 4 adults, 2 of which rarely act like adults. Which two I am talking about, you can decide for yourselves!

Love you all

Leanne xo

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