Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Day 3: Strawberry muffins

Today I have been studying hard and so I had to do something relatively quick and easy.

I love muffins and have made them a million times so they are pretty quick to make now.

It seriously wasn't as much fun without the kids here, but also a lot quicker :P

These are strawberries I froze at the end of the season. They have been dying to be used for something scrummy. They scream out to me every time I open the freezer.

The big kids were very happy to walk into the house and find freshly cooked muffins for afternoon tea. I am apparently 'one of the best mums in the world!!!' (I would like to know who else is in that category Will?)

More please? No.

These are for the adults with berries and icecream tonight after dinner!

Have a lovely night, I will be back tomorrow xo

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