Thursday, 10 June 2010

Day 4: Potato Bake

After a huge day helping to prepare the school hall for tonights disco, I was struggling to find time to cook something, so I broke the rules.

Today's food is something my children would eat even if they were so full they couldn't move. Potato Bake. I need to give credit where it is due, this recipe comes from my mother in law, and their family, so for that I am thankful!

All cut up

"Just the way I like it mum!" - So glad my toughest critic (Little Butterfly) will eat something I make.

However, again she was not impressed with me taking photos of food she was waiting to eat. Declaring loudly, 'this blog stuff is a PAIN!'

Off to bed for me, see you tomorrow for some morning tea with some wonderful friends.

Leanne xo

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