Saturday, 31 July 2010

Righto, this time I will really will be into it!!

I have been really really slack. I know.

But there is a reason. I can't post photo's! Don't ask, I am too tired to tell.

Anyway, I have decided to start blogging about everything and not just food. My vegie garden, my house, my kids and just generally my life. But I will still blog about food too.

Tonight we had take-away pizza. We didn't make it, we bought it. Because we were out all day looking at lounges and doing stuff together.

Here are some photos of the last week. 2nd week back at school. I am determined to be a more participatory mum this term. My goal for the first 3 weeks is individual homework time. I am working on it. The problem is the two youngest.....

All my angels...

My boys.

Playing Wii, he didn't even know I was there, until I poked him and poked him until he told me 'mum seriously! What would you say if I was doing that to you.' Ok buddy, fair call!

These are my new glasses. I think she looks awesome in them.

Signing off for now

Leanne xo

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