Sunday, 8 August 2010

Big Boy's Birthday Party!

Yesterday was Little Mudpie's birthday party, it was fantastic! There was a lovely mix of wonderful friends and family and we had a ball. Little Mudpie could not believe everyone he loved was in one place, at his home!

My mum called me on Thursday and told me my Nanna was coming and I was so excited. I am so happy Nanna Joan could come and see us, in our home. It made my day.

Thank you to everyone for coming, hopefully you had a wonderful time as we did. It was fun, and the cake was blue.

I have spent the whole of last week cleaning and preparing for the party, I had a schedule and I kept to it (for the first time in my life). I didn't get everything I done, but the party was ok for it, and those ideas have been put away for one of the millions of parties we will be having in the future.

Here are some photos of the birthday boy on his magical day!

And it wouldn't be right to forget to mention the most amazing present ever, the mini-dyson that Nanna and Pop got for him. He is infatuated and I think he even wanted to sleep with it last night!

Love to all

Leanne xo

PS Blue food colouring stains clothes. Consider yourself warned!


  1. Yes I learned that when I made Oliver a train cake for his second birthday. Love the cake.

  2. Oh yes gotta love blue coloured icing.

    Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Sam xox