Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Changing times!

There has been lots and lots of change in this house over the last few weeks.

We have changed our kitchen colour from green to off-white, we have changed the living areas around, creating more open plan living and the ability to add a lounge and subsequently added an extra living area. We have also changed our study into a real 'study'. And it looks awesome.

I love change. Not all the time, and only when I am ready, but I think change is a chance at an exciting new time. It shows that something can be new, fresh and exciting.

I don't have photos of our changes right here, right now, but I will get them organised over the next few days.

Tonight we are finalising the change in the study by adding the kids/dads computer to the second desk. I am hoping this will help me be more aware of how the kids are going with their websites (reading eggs, mathletics) etc, as well as more organised in encouraging them to use the computer for studious reasons.

Better get back to helping, but just because I can, here is a pic of Little Butterfly I grabbed on the weekend. Such a contrast from my previous post!

Love you all

Leanne xo

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