Sunday, 1 August 2010

We have a lounge!

We finally, finally found a lounge we can agree on. AND it was on sale! Bargain. Hopefully it will be here soon, like this week, I am very impatient. ;)

The kids were fantastic this weekend, they were dragged from shop to shop and they were so good. They did get a lot of take away as a reward.

Another and slightly healthier reward was that Uncle Russ and Aunty Jodi came to visit today. The kids were so happy (and so was I), we live so much closer now, but it is still so hard to have a proper catch up. I grabbed some photos of Russ and the kids playing...

And I grabbed a quick photo of my baby boy with his cot. Being so close to 2, I can see this being packed up soon. Forever. I am holding on with both hands......he however, would not smile, nor even look at me! Little terror.

I better hit the sack, the kids will be up in a few hours!

Leanne xo

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