Thursday, 9 September 2010

Another step closer

Tonight I handed in my last assignment in this degree (hopefully).

I am actually quite sad at the thought of not studying. Studying has been my sanity, to read words bigger than 'Dora' and express ideas that don't involve poo. To have a reason to lock myself away and 'do an assignment'. And now after 8 years, its over. No more assignments!

I still have the exam to go though, so a little more learning to appease my hungry mind.

While I was doing my assignment, Big Butterfly brought me some flowers. She put them on my book and said 'to make the law pretty again mummy.' The innocence.

Here are some other shots I grabbed while we were up at Forster over last weekend, celebrating the return of a very loved Aunty Nat and Uncle Chris from England. Just quietly, mummy and daddy are  very happy to have them home too.

Could they be any cuter?

Love to everyone

L xo

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