Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Gardening....and chocolate cake.

We have been gardening today. Little Mudpie and I. Now he is sleeping peacefully. This is the only time he is quiet, oh and when he is eating chocolate cake :)

I should be putting the towels on the line.

However, I promised you the recipe for the chocolate cake, so here it is! (If you click on the image it brings it up at the real size)

Here is one of our strawberry plants, we have 7 this year. We had two last year. I am so excited about homegrown strawberries. This year 5 of the plants are behind chicken wire to stop them from being eaten before the big people can get to them. :)

A zucchini seedling, which we raised from seed.

Here is Little Mudpie helping. The boots are Big Butterfly's and the watering can is Little Butterfly's and they are pink. He doesn't care. He has a ball in the garden.

I will be back later with the icing recipe. I should do some jobs before he wakes up.

Leanne xo

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