Friday, 24 September 2010

Holidays are here!

I am so excited because today is the start of NSW State holidays. I love the school holidays. I love pj days and I love having all my kids in the same place to relax and do some serious playing. The kids are so tired as well this holidays and are looking forward to chilling out as well.

Today was obviously the last day of school for the term and the school held a wheel-a-thon. Big Butterfly took a pram, Big Mudpie took his speed racer. They loved it and it was great to see there was a fantastic turnout of parents to watch and support as well. They sold out of sausages, I think there were 300 + sausages, YAY!

So tomorrow we are off to Granny's house to help with some maintenance. The kids are really keen and it will be lovely to see mum, Russ, Jodi and Nanna Joan. Mr Mudpie and Uncle Russ will be cutting the bamboo down at the back of Nanna Joan's house, and the kids, Granny, Aunty Jodi and I might have to make a trip down to the beach to make the most of this beautiful weather we are having. Of course, there will be photo's.

Anyway, I better get back and help with the homemade pizza's we are having for dinner. The kids are so eager to help that I think they are becoming a hinderance and I better go and help umpire.... :)

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