Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Photo post!

Here are some important things that have been happening in our house over the last week or so.

Big Butterfly was awarded with the "Literacy Hall of Fame" award. She was given a badge to wear for a few weeks, and she was so proud. So were Mummy and Daddy!

Big Mudpie and Mr Mudpie went to the airshow last weekend and they were very impressed (so was I, as I didn't have to walk around looking at planes all day ~ phew!) While they were there, they ran into some Star Wars characters. Will tells me they are from the Clone Wars. (yep - just nod in agreement)

Mr Mudpie made a deliciously yummy chocolate cake. It has sour cream in it. And real chocolate in the icing. Want the recipe? Maybe tomorrow.

With that, I am off to have a piece.

Night night xo

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