Friday, 15 October 2010

Neglectful again...

This is becoming a cycle. I love my blog, but I find it so hard some weeks to get to it.

We have had wonderful holidays with relaxing and fun, and of course some pearler tantrums. The kids all had a ball, and this week they went back to school. The big kids were busting to get there, complaining constantly about missing their friends...Mummy was quietly happy to have school back too, although I missed them within a few minutes of them leaving.

Here are some photos I grabbed from our holidays....we did so much.

Here is Big Butterfly at her wheel-a-thon. Gee they had a ball there and it was such a successful day :)

My two beautiful girls!

We changed the toy room around, as well as Big Mudpie's room. It has made it a much nicer space for all that playing that has to be done in the holidays!

We built a sandpit. There should be more photo's of this, but we have been having too much fun playing in it and not taking photo's of it.

We went to the zoo. With Nanna and Pop, Nan, and Uncle Chris and Aunty Nat. It was fun, fantastic and the kids came home tired and full of information about random animals. Awesome.

All in all a pretty fantastic and wonderful holidays. 

Now Daddy is on holidays. To paint the house. For many many reasons we are on the first Friday of said holidays and there still hasn't been any painting. This will start tomorrow I have been assured, when Uncle Chris comes and gives back the painting stuff :). 

Leanne xo


  1. Welcome back lovely. Great photos as always xx

  2. Just did a catch-up read of your blog... A joy to read as always :)

    I must ask though... where did you get those shelves that you have the woven crates & toys in?
    I soooooooo need something like that here!!

    Love your photos too, you've got quite a knack for it!!

  3. Hey Kylie, I got those from Ikea. Most of my house is from Ikea!

    L xo