Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dance Concert!

My beautiful girls were in their first dance concert this year, and they were fantastic! They had a ball, which is all it is really about.

Here are some photos of them in their gorgeous costumes...and with some friends.

Little Butterfly as swan lake - she is the one on the end, shakin her bootie!

Big Butterfly doing 'The Candyman' she is in the middle.

Look how nicely her toes are pointed!

Afterwards at dinner! 3.5 hours the concert went for. They were famished and exhausted.

Before the concert with Little Butterflies best friend Little L. They are so adorable as swans, from Swan lake.

Big and Little Butterflies, no two different costumes ever existed...

So there they are. They both love dancing and had a wonderful time doing the concert. I am so proud of both of them for getting up there and doing their best. As far as I am concerned, they made the concert!

Back later with more, so much to catch up on!

L xo

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  1. Just gorgeous Leanne, you should be so proud! Lovely photos too! :)