Monday, 20 December 2010

My family Christmas....part 2!

Here is the next day. We went out to a gorgeous restaurant at Cronulla and had a yummy, scrummy breakfast. We saw Santa come to the beach on the boat and afterwards the kids ran on the sand and played with shells, it was a lovely morning. Not just lovely, awesome and amazing. But I use those words so much I can't use them to explain this morning, because then it would just be average.

Special. Thats the word.

After brekky we went back to Nanna Joan's house and we had our family presents. Again, WOW! The kids and the adults all got exactly what they wanted. I got the most gorgeous pendant of my children's names from my mum, and I love it. I cried when I got it. Thats how much I love it. Mr Mudpie got an amazing 100 year calender that you can move to find the year, month, day. He loves that. But he didn't cry.

Big Mudpie got a remote control buggy, well 4WD from Uncle Russ and Aunty Jodi and a remote controlled helicopter from Granny. His life is awesome right now. He told me this morning, it's ok if Santa doesn't come now! Great. What am I going to do with all those toys?

Big Butterfly got princess phones that actually work. Right now she is in her bedroom and Little Butterfly is in the toy room and they are on the phone to each other. It is very cute when one phone rings and then you hear them yell louder than the phone. "I am ringing you Little Butterfly!" She also go some Littlest Pet Shop, she is set for life now.
Little Butterfly got Barbies and Tinkerbell. She is really excited about that, because it makes her a big girl. She has an accessories bag. For the sunglasses. And the shoes, bags etc that all good dolls should (and do) come with.

Little Mudpie received a wipper snipper. He has not put it down. He slept with it in his room. There was a huge fight about it not going into his bed. I think the wipper snipper is a winner. I can see him being the man with the magnet on his fridge saying 'The one who dies with the most toys wins!' And I believe he will be the one who dies with the most toys. I also know his dad thinks this is best thing ever. Other than flying the helicopter and playing with the remote buggy with Big Mudpie.

So they are happy. I am happy and daddy is happy. YAY!
And the best bit is, we get to give even more at the end of this week. And during this week we are cleaning out the toyroom and all the toys the children don't want anymore are going to kids who aren't going to have the same kind of Christmas that we are. The best bit is that the kids are actually really excited about doing this.

L xo

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