Wednesday, 22 December 2010

On the road to NO NAPPIES!

Yes I am yelling it. Loudly. NO NAPPIES! After 8 years of nappies, I think I deserve to yell it.

Little Mudpie is toilet training. He is little, it probably won't work. Today we have had 3 accidents, and 1 successful potty trip. The odds are against us. I don't care. He showed interest and I have run with it. I have run far and wide, and I am not going to stop. Undies are just as easy to wash as nappies (easier in fact). (Yes we use cloth nappies).

He is so cute, except for the fact that I have pine-o-clean in a spray bottle again!

I am hoping that tomorrow's post doesn't involve me saying "sorry folks, we changed our mind, he is back in nappies." Fingers crossed for us.

L xo

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