Friday, 17 December 2010

Stuff and Family Photos...

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately. Since I have finished uni and I have time. I actually have a lot of time, more than I thought I would. That just shows how much I actually studied. More than I thought. The last subject I did was Alternative Dispute Resolution. I am so glad I did this subject as it is so relevant to everyday life, as well as to being a lawyer. The amount of times I have used techniques learnt in the last few weeks is amazing. Now I know what to call them as well ;). Here is a photo I took when I got home from the exam, with all the resources I had to take in. And some photos of my course info book. I got this in 2002 when I started.

School holidays are here again, with only 10 sleeps till the man in the red suit visits. That is very very exciting. My kids love Christmas and I must admit I love to get swept up in it as well. Currently I have two boys and a girl running around the house playing star wars. The other girl is playing the computer. I love school holidays. In a minute we are all going to sit down and read some books together. How nice is that? It won't last. But while the motivation is there, we will do it!

Also we had family photo's done this year, finally. More than just the kids, Daddy and I got to be in them this year too. Here is a sneak peek!

Love always
L xo


  1. Such a gorgeous family xoxo

  2. GORGEOUS family Leanne <3
    Who was your photographer?

  3. Catherine Burford from Photography by Catherine Burford. She is fantastic! <3

  4. Wow, what a gorgrous family pic! You are such beautiful friends to have : )