Monday, 20 December 2010

My Family Christmas in the domain!

This is a pretty heavy photo post. Last weekend we went to Sydney to celebrate Christmas with my family. We went to Carols in the Domain and for the first time they turned people away as they were at capacity by 7 o'clock. Luckily we got there at 5.30 and luckily my beautiful mum got there at 2 to get us a great possie! We could see the stage although most of the time we were chatting, laughing and the kids had a ball, and were pretty tired by 11 when we left. (Yes I know, that is very late - but thats ok once a year!)

Here are some photos at the park early in the day when we called in to see Uncle Chris.

Here are some pics of the kids at the domain. They had so much fun and loved the idea of waving the candles. If you live in Sydney, go to the carols. They are fun, there is so much community spirit, which for a city as big as Sydney, it warms my heart to see. Everyone loved everyone that night and it was fantastic! (Disclaimer: get there early though).

Love you all

Leanne xo

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