Friday, 24 December 2010

What I want to give for Christmas.

This post is inspired by Ashleyann over at Under the Sycamore - Giving Presence. She talks about how her children ask more of her time than anything else, and it sat very true to me also.

Other things Ashley wants to give her children include traditions, fun in giving, time and meaning. You can read all about it on her blog.

These posts have made me think a lot about what I want to pass on to my children at Christmas time, and I suppose, in their general life. There is so much thought given to material posessions in this house that I would like to bring my children back to earth.

I suggested to Mr Mudpie that we might not have Santa come this year. He said no. Not on. Children get presents.

I suggested only home made ones, he suggested I would have to be the one to make them all. Can I make Lego X-Wing Fighters? No I cannot.

I suggested we encourage the children to clean out the toyroom (yes we actually have a toyroom - full to the brim of toys. Too many toys) and let them give them to children whose parents cannot afford the Christmas we can. He agreed. The kids agreed.

As I posted earlier in the week, they are ecstatic that we are doing it. Big Butterfly is the most excited and has bugged me since the day we finished school about when this 'clean out' would take place.

Yesterday we did it. I put Christmas Carols on and we cleaned out. Yes there were arguments about whether we really wanted to get rid of something and yes I overide some of the decisions, knowing that this was a special toy we would potentially ask for in 3 days time. Generally though, the kids were fantastic. We laughed and we actually did cry.

Ok I cried.

Because my babies aren't babies anymore.

The toy dog I bought for Big Mudpie when I was pregnant on our honeymoon was one of the first things suggested. That is when I made my pile. You know for their kids, one day.

We took the toys to the Salvation Army bin and we put them in. I am proud of my kids. They did well today and they understood that what they were doing was to help someone else. I think this can be a new tradition on Christmas Eve Eve (the day before Christmas Eve) my children can give something to people less fortunate. Every year from now. Obviously it won't always be toys, one day it might be to help in a soup kitchen, volunteer for the Salvation Army, raise money for the Smith Family, etc.

I thank God we are in a position to do this. And I pray to God that we are never in the position reversed.

Leanne xo

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  1. I absolutely love following your blog, and keeping up to date with your latest goings on <3
    Your photos are fantastic too, they could easily tell their own story :-D