Thursday, 27 January 2011

Beaching it!

What an awesome day we had yesterday! Australia really rocks and I think it is important we realise that everyone should appreciate the land we live in. When you consider what we have here, we should be grateful, we should be humbled and we should enjoy it.

Yesterday my family enjoyed our little bit of this land. We went to the beach early, stayed until lunch (with huge protests from the big kids) and got hot chips and potato scallops on the way home. They were yummy, and really really hot.

After we burnt our mouths and fingers on our lunch, we put on music like Down Under and Great Southern Land and This is Australia. We also listened to The Beach Boys, The Eagles and some other not so Aussie bands, because we like them too.

Then the kids went in the pool and we made dinner. No we didn't have meat pies, or a BBQ, and we didn't have Vegemite sandwiches. We had San Choi Bow and it was delicious.

What a fantastic 'Strayla Day. (The best bit was the beach.)

Leanne xo

Note: My big kids aren't in the photos because they would not get out of the water long enough for me to take a photo of them. :)

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  1. Jealous! Great pics. I'm an Aussie living in Qatar so it's lovely to see some good Aussie shots.

    I agree, Australia should never be taken for granted.