Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Got my groove back....

So apparently the funk I was in is gone...yippee!

Also, I found out yesterday I am catching up with a beautiful friend (Kel) in a couple of weeks. Double yippee!

And, today is Australia Day, triple yippee!

So how to celebrate? I decided to spend some time experimenting in CS5 yesterday. Obviously I had to take the photos first, and for once my children were excited to be into it.

Some explanations about these photos are required.

1. Yes Big Mudpie has a black eye. Ask Little Mudpie about shoving his drink in there....
2. Big Butterfly and Little Butterfly only wanted photos apart (?) so that is why there are none together, which leads to....
3. Hopefully there will be some of them together one day.
4. Yes, I have 4 children. Look at the post below for Little Butterfly and Little Mudpie :)

We are off to the beach this morning. I am so in love with summer right now. I know I will enjoy winter when it comes as well, but right now, in this moment, I love that I am Australian and that it is warm and sunny and I can take my children to the beach in peace (relatively - my children are noisy)

Fingers crossed I score some photos from this trip to the beach as well :)

L xo

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