Monday, 10 January 2011

Nothing New

Hi there everyone,

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and is enjoying the rest of the school holidays if you are lucky enough to be home with your children, like I am! :)))

I have started a new challenge. My friends and family are probably all rolling the eyes as they all know that I love a challenge. In this case I am not buying anything new for 3 months. No I can't just cut back on spending. I need a challenge. So this is how I am doing it. I am appealing to my determined side to get me through something that will be a serious blow to my shopping addictions.

I must point out the exceptions first. Food, petrol, groceries and anything needed to successfully run the house. For those who know I am a lawyer, I will also promise not to take a wide interpretation of this potential loophole. School supplies, within reason, are exempt and the other large exception is that Big Butterfly and Big Mudpie's birthdays falls in these 3 months. They will get things that are second hand and/or homemade preferably off Etsy to keep with the theme.

For me there are two reasons to do this, primarily to identify our spending habits and where and why we spend so much money every month. The other one is to break the addiction of spending money on crap from countries who we all know are still engaging in slave like conditions or sweat factories. It is so easy to remove ourselves from this reality, but still support it by buying the cheap gazebo from the Reject Shop, made in China for $30, which falls down the moment you put it up! (Yes this happened to me over the holidays....luckily Daddy managed to tie it to the house without the frame and the children still have shade over their pool...another post.)

So there, I am blogging it to keep myself accountable and also to annoy those family and friends who wish I could just do things quietly and without so much fuss. However, this isn't possible for me. The only way I can make myself not eat McDonalds (for example) is to convince myself they are an egotistical and evil corporation only wishing to poison myself and my children....I know far fetched, right?

Thank you for listening to my ramblings and I hope you join me on this journey.

Leanne xo

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