Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Too long...and buying things.

Hi there,

I know it has been a very long time since my fingers have written a message to all those out in blog land! AKA my friends who happen to know I have a blog as well!

Lots has been happening here: we have been on holiday, we have started school again (the reason blogging isnt happening as much as I would like), I have been cooking, cleaning and being a mum and I broke the rule about not buying anything new. You can ignore that last sentence if you would like....

We went away to Diamond Beach last weekend and it was wonderful and refreshing and we had a great time. So great that Mr Mudpie has decided to rebook us for April! wooo hooo.

So how did I break my challenge? Of course I went out in style, my wonderful husband bought me an iPad. It is fantastic :) I love it, it loves me, all is right in the world.

I have to go and make some biscuits as my littlest man is apparently 'staaarrrrving'.

I will be back soon with some photos of above events ;)

Leanne xo

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