Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Stay Tuned

I am addicted to ohdeedoh. It seriously is awesome (if you have children). If not, you should check out Apartment Therapy. Even if you live in a house. It rocks for inspiration. As does Ashley over at Under the Sycamore.

Now due to my ohdeedoh addiction, I am always looking to improve my house...from the kids rooms through to the toyroom and of course the 'big kids' rooms. (ours)

I am in the process of redoing our playroom and it should (fingers crossed) be completed this afternoon when Mr Mudpie gets home with two new pieces of foam for the reupholstered lounge. Due to the old cushions being really really really smelly, we washed them. Don't wash high density foam. Ever. It makes it more stinky because it doesn't dry. Ever.

So we needed more foam and Mr Mudpie is bringing it home. I love Mr Mudpie. Now we have an inspiring, cool, awesome room for the little people to use, and what makes it even better, it really feels like an awesome space to be in, so Daddy and I are using it more as well. And as of about 1 hour, I will be able to sit on the lounge and not feel sick from the smell. (at the moment you can't sit on the lounge at all because there are no cushions on there - I refused to have them back in that room, in the house, at all.)

Pictures are to follow, probably tomorrow morning when I have better light to take the photos.

For now, it is time to get the afternoon tea ready and get organised to head out for a swim after school :)

Leanne xo

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