Monday, 13 June 2011

Life Made Lovely Monday

I am linking up with Heather over at Life Made Lovely Monday today, to show you all something that makes my life lovely today :)

We got outside today and managed to get some work done in the garden. It has been weeks since we have a) had time and b) the kids have joined us due to the weather.

We looked up after trimming back the trees and found they had made their very own teepee. They then spent the rest of the day playing in it and making up stories and games with the teepee as their central figure. It really made my day perfect as I love it when they are outside with us and enjoying it as much as we do :)

Here is a photo of the teepee (or as the children call it - 'our hut')

L xo

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  1. I Love It! I always love to see what my kids make with random finds. Last week it was "rockets" out of laundry baskets and cookie sheets...

  2. I love how it doesn't take much with kids to get their imaginations going. My boys would have such a blast with the hut!

  3. Nothing better than getting outside and makin something with your hands ;)