Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Need I say more?


I am in love. The inspiration is incredible. So I am making Tuesday my pinterest day. 2 (or more) things I found on there that inspire me in some way.

Picture 1: it makes me want to be organised. Something I strive to be, yet feel I never get right...sigh.

Picture 2: THIS is Big Butterfly's party next year. She wanted a high tea for this years party and we didn't get there, so she has requested one for next year instead. OK. And this is what I intend to pull off for her.*

Pinterest has taken my days away and I couldn't be happier. Even Mr Mudpie is happy to look at the daily pickings. 

What are your favourite categories on pinterest?

Leanne xo

* DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held responsible if the party changes due to a) Big Butterfly changing her mind, or b) I see something even better, or more interesting or just different that I love on pinterest in 2 days time :) Oh and Big Butterfly's birthday isn't until next year, so the chance of that happening is quite possible :)


  1. Beautiful. Pinterest is so dangerously time consuming but just so so good... :)

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Pinterest...I have wasted how many hours in the last day looking at it! :-)