Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Crazy DAY!

Yesterday was crazy day. We love days like that.

We had some friends come to play, then more came as well....we had SO much fun!

9 children under 9. Then 3 left (with their mum) and there were 6 under 9. Then another 2 left (with their mum) and I still had 4. And no-one has come to get them yet....ha!

The kids were so well behaved and cleaned up every time I asked, although by the end Sam was just throwing tantrums because the floor was blue. Obviously he has to harden up a little and get used to these crazy days. Bring on summer when we have SO many more of these and they are awesome.

Here are a few snippets of the day.

They also played outside, but there are no photos of that because it was windy and I wanted to stay inside. :) There are some cranky ones from my kids because they learnt that apparently mum doesn't turn into the coolest mum in the world just because other people are here. I still say no. I still get cranky and I still wont let them jump off the top bunk. I also make them let their guests choose movies. Gee I am mean ;).

Have a great Wednesday

Leanne xo

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