Monday, 4 July 2011

Life Made Lovely Monday - Winter List

So in this house we are copycats. We are copying Meg over at whatever who makes a summer list every year. I absolutely loved this idea, except right now we are in Winter.

SO. I thought why not have a winter list? It isn't as big as a summer list because we only have 2 weeks holiday in winter, but it looks like it is going to be fun!

Today is the first day of the holidays. I asked them to pause all wii games, computers and ipods. They came to me and I sold them the idea of a winter list. It was a hard sell....

Obviously, the first things they came up with were 'play wii', 'play computer', 'listen to music'. Then I suggested 'make cupcakes'. That got things rolling and I must say they thought of some pretty cool, easy to do things, and now I am really pumped for these holidays to roll on!

So here it is:

Here is Meg's Summer List, how awesome is that?? Slightly more adventurous than our winter one!

Linking up with Heather at Life Made Lovely Monday today :)

Leanne xo


  1. Ooh, what a GREAT idea! We're gonna do this tomorrow! :) xx p.s. I love the glimpse of your place in the background...cute!!!

  2. Oh we need a winter list too! Love your list!

  3. How fun, I love the idea of making story books! Your kids are adorable!!

  4. Fun list! And I'm lovin' that playroom. My brother and his family just moved to Perth.