Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Pinterest Tuesday


Today has been HUGE! I had 9 children under 9 in this house and one other wonderful friend wrangling them with me. (Actually we really just let them be while we drank tea and chatted...) The kids were all wonderful but wow I am tired tonight.

Here are some of the things that motivate me at the moment on pinterest.

This porch makes me happy. It reminds me of my front verandah in our previous house. I miss that verandah. A lot. I had a hammock....

I just love old suitcases. Their stories must be amazing. Like all old things, I just wish they could tell us their stories.

I need this room. It isn't a want, it truly is a need. To live there would be incredibly relaxing. (Obviously 'there' involves adult children that don't live at home and time for me to sit on that awesome bed and read...)

This is true.

So is this. I am going to get it for our toy room. My kids already think reading is cool, but I think it is always good to reiterate these things ;)

So no photos from me today. But there will be some tomorrow from our crazy day today...and I have my fingers crossed that I will get my new lens tomorrow. If not, Thursday. And just for you Lucy - it is still in Alexandria! Ha. (I am stalking it on the FedEx website)

Love always

Leanne xo

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