Sunday, 18 March 2012


Today I convinced Mr Mudpie that we should renovate our house.

Well he agreed to start thinking about it.

He agreed to getting quotes.

He agreed to walking around the house and talking about what we would do.

He agreed to timber floors!!!! (anyone who knows me, knows this is awesome)

He agreed to planning a renovation.


I want a kitchen like this:

This bath in our bathroom:

A deck like this:

A pantry like this:

These ovens:

These floors:

(All images courtesy of pinterest)

Watch this space...this is going to be fun!

L xo


  1. Looks LUVERLY!! Beautiful and relaxing and homely and gorgeous! Love love love the swingseats! Love Kristi

  2. Can you come and do my house too. This looks awesome!!!

  3. Nic - I would love to do your house! Let me know when :)

    Kristi - I love the swingseats too, and I wonder if I get the view too when I install them? ;)

    L xo