Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pantry renovation ... Part 2

It only took 5 days to build our pantry.

This is because my wonderful husband is extremely handy with tools, and building, and designing etc.

So on day 2 we went from a hole in the wall (and very open plan living) to a wall separating the two living areas. It is much more separate, but I really like it that way. When someone is in the front room, it is away from the noise of the family room, and that is making these school holidays much much nicer at the moment. (aka no more volume wars on the two televisions).

Here is the beginning of the frame. (All of this happened in about 5 hours)

The wall starts to go up.

Here we were starting to see the effect of building a wall near the study.

We have a wall (with cornice and all)

AND we have a door frame :)

Is it true on house builds that from frame stage to gyprocked is so quick as well? I was surprised at how quickly we got to this point. But from here it seemed to go so slowly (although that could be all in my head).

Tomorrow you will see the almost-finished-but-we-have-stilled-moved-in product :)

Have a great day

Leanne xo

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