Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pantry Renovation ... Part 3!

From the yesterday's post to today's took about 3 days. There was mudding, sanding, more mudding, more sanding, painting and cutting shelves. It took time. Apparently stuff has to dry and that is incredibly frustrating when you just want to get something done. I feel like it was weeks that we were walking around this huge pantry and I couldn't use it because the mud was still wet. It wasn't. It was only 3 days.

Then just as suddenly we went from the last photos to this. (They are the floor samples for the renovation)

Obviously, that is closed. This is open.

This the new study size. Not too bad, we still fit in perfectly.

So there it is. I cannot wait to do a before and after, but I would like it to be finished before I do that. Soon I will have a before and after for our kitchen as well.

Have a great day

Leanne xo

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