Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What I learned today....

Sometimes things are hard to read.

Sometimes I walk away from those things and close the webpage and walk away. Back to my life of love, happiness and stuff.

Yesterday I woke up and read that there had been an article published in a major Sunday paper about some 'mummy bloggers' and said article was wrong and badly written and not researched at all. To be honest, I hadn't read the article nor any of the blogs involved. Until yesterday.

So I thought, being the train wreck viewing kind of person I am, that I should have a look and a read. And I was shocked. Not about the article, but because one of the bloggers had been to Africa THE WEEK BEFORE and yet this wasn't even mentioned in the article. She went with World Vision in response to the food crisis in Niger.

I am still reading through her posts and they are fantastic and real and so true that I had to walk away at times. But this time I came back, I kept reading. I started researching (which is why I am still in the process of reading her posts). I learned that it only costs $29 (AUD) to buy 200 polio injections. It only costs about $44 a month to help a child have a future. I have four kids. It costs me a lot more a month than that for them, so I see this as an amazing bargain. I am about to spend at least $20 each for us to get a flu shot. Thats almost as much as 200 polio shots.

Thanks to Eden over at edenland, our family had a hard discussion at dinner that night. This isn't the first time we have talked about people suffering around the world, and it certainly won't be the last. The school my children attend have a sponsor child and go to Indonesia every second year on a mission. The kids are exposed to it, in such a limited way as we 'whities' (thanks for that Eden) can be, living in our clean, safe, warm homes, living our amazing lives.

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I am so proud of my kids right now. (Well, mainly - Lauren was awful going to sleep tonight, she just wouldn't stop whinging....) They decided to get together some old toys and stuff we don't need and have a garage sale, with the proceeds going towards the food crisis. That is what I want my babies to know, that they can help, they can give up something so minute to them, to give something so huge to someone else.

After they went to bed we talked more about it all and decided that we would also start a well fund. It only costs $503 to give a community fresh running water close to where they live. We haven't got that kind of money right now, but we can save for it. So we are.

I would like to say thank you to Eden for opening our eyes again and encouraging these conversations. Check out some of the webpages if you would like to help as well.

World Vision
Compassion Australia
Salvation Army

Leanne xo

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  1. Leanne - I totally agree with you. It's so 'easy' in our lives to not think about the needy, and the starving, and the diseased. But it's all just a matter of what country you were born in, and to what mother! It's not like we did anything special to be so privileged. And we are, Australia is amazing. I really like your 'well fund'... have you heard about Project 500? I put a tin on the desk at work to help raise some money. Amazing what $500 can do in a needy country. Matt and i have seen firsthand what Compassion Australia does in communities overseas (visited our 2 sponsor kids in Dominican Republic in 2005) and it's incredible! Just wanted to say really, you're not alone, and it's all about awareness!! Love K