Monday, 16 April 2012

Why I want to blog...

I have always imagined myself as a writer. Have I published anything? No. What do I write? Mainly assignments. But still, there it is, I would like to think of myself as a writer.

I love writing. I love reading. I love words. They make me happy. I love it when words are used to inspire, used to be creative and most of all when words are used to make you think, redefine and challenge ourselves.

The idea of blogging is simple. You find something that you want to blog about and you get on your computer and tell everyone about that thing a few times a week, or everyday. But what happens when you want to blog and you can't find anything to blog about? Everyone else can do it. Why can't I?

Can you look to other blogs for ideas? They all know what they are doing, so why not?

Then it hit me. People who have 'successful' blogs are bloggers who are happy to go deep. Even where they are a 'cooking blogger' there is a certain amount of truth and honesty and depth to their blog. People need to be able to connect to the blogger to want to read their blog long term. This seems to be the truth in all human interactions. You only need to look at our desire to know everything about celebrities to see this.

My mum tells me I over-analyse everything. It is true. But I have found that this is who I am, what I do and a coping mechanism for understanding and being able to contribute to the world.

So the point of this post is me questioning why I want to do this blogging thing.

I wanted to blog because it seemed like a fun thing to do. I have a lot of intentions, like crafting, and baking and renovating. Sometimes I get to these things and sometimes I don't.

But I am going to start making this blog more of a priority, because I want to write, I want to share these things and I want to connect to people who are in a similar place.

Thank you for putting up with me on this journey!

L xo

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