Saturday, 22 September 2012

Camping games in the lounge room

So guess what was waiting for the butterflies and mudpies when they got home from school yesterday? Their brand new sleeping bags. Four big shiny boxes full of warm camping goodness!! They were a huge hit, the kids rolled them out immediately and started playing camping games straight away.

This was a huge relief for Mr Mudpie and I, being slightly worried that they may not actually like camping as much as we do!

They are rated to -3 Celsius so they should be warm and snug as bugs when we do get out there, as it is unlikely I am going to agree to go camping when it is any colder than that overnight....brrrr! In fact it would be a miracle to get me to go when it was going to hit less than 5 C.

Now I am pretty sure the kids sleeping gear is completely organised and we are ready to rock the camping season...I just need some ideas for where to go camping now.

We have also been moving around the house...moving desks and pianos (which now needs to be re-tuned (again)), the spaces are looking really good though, and I love a good change so it settles my soul to make things different.

I am also trying to love my filing is a metal old school (almost vintage) tan coloured filing cabinet, and I am trying to make myself want it. Maybe I will just send it to the rubber walled garden shed and deal with it later....

So lots is happening here....but the biggest news is that I got my new iPhone yesterday and it is fantastic. My old iPhone 4 was broken but I was persevering through until this one was released and it is bliss to have a working phone again :) oh and it is shining and new and bright and wonderful!

Have a great weekend

Leanne xo

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