Tuesday, 18 September 2012

One lot of study is done...another begins!

Hey there,

Well, I am done! I have finished all the study I need to do to be a lawyer...which is pretty cool. What is even cooler is that I got the most awesome marks I think I have ever gotten. Reading those distinctions made all that stress and effort worth it!

I also got to live in Sydney for 3 weeks. Spread out over 8 months, there were 3 week long onsite's at St Leonards. Luckily my mum works in Chatswood and I could catch a ride with her to work and then walk up to the station and then back to her work after the day was done. I felt like I was foot loose and fancy free. There were no prams to lug up the stairs, no-one to feed and bath and have in bed by 7, and no whinging. I did NOT miss the whinging! (Thanks to Mr Mudpie a thousand times over for staying home during those weeks and looking after the mudpies and butterflies.)

I had to walk past this shop in Chatswood twice every day, not good with a food additive allergy!

So the week finished with an exam on Commercial and Corporate Property. I later found out I aced it. Straight after, I was almost deflated...it was a shock to feel that way. But I was done, and we were one week off Spring and I was FREE!

No more hours and hours in the library (even though I loved it in there!)

Home I came and I enjoyed my time off for a good 3 weeks before I decided to start working 4 days a week and study again! What is wrong with me - I hear you ask???

Well - there are BIG pros to this decision! I am only working until 2.30pm 4 days a week, which means I get to still be mum after school and I am doing a Certificate IV in the area I am working, which is fantastic as there is so much I need to learn to do my job properly.

There is the long winded catch up to where I am now.

I have a pact to make.

I want to keep this blog up to date. I need some motivation though....comments, likes, anything to make me even more motivated would be great (only if you want to though)!

I better keep moving and get my butt into gear for these lunches, they won't make themselves!

Love to you all

Leanne xo

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