Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Out with the study and in with a music room!

I am getting a music room! Well we actually already have the room (alcove) but it is being transformed from a study to a music room.

Why I don't need a study anymore:
1. I am not studying like I was, so no more sitting at the desk for long long periods!
2. Mr Mudpie bought me a Macbook Pro for finishing my study (the week before, so I still got to take it to the last onsite) and therefore I don't need a stationary desk anymore.
3. I don't want to waste the space on something we aren't using.

Why I need a music room/library/sitting room.
1. Why not?

Those who know me understand that I love changing my house around. I thrive on it. We have finished the kitchen ( well 99% finished - another blog post to come) and the deck is soon to be renovated as well, but changing things around that costs me nothing is also a huge passion!

The piano is currently squashed (as piano's are!) in the corner in the family room and it needs to stretch it's wings a little. I can see it there now, not squashed in corner, but taking pride of place in our new fresh area!

Obviously this will unclutter the family room a little too...I am excited about that as well.

Here are some beautiful pictures from Pinterest that have me motivated!

Have a happy day :)


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