Friday, 11 January 2013

Creative Space and My OLW 2013

Guess what?

I have a new space in my bedroom just for me. It is a desk. I know it sounds completely boring but to me the possibilities are endless.

It is my new creative space!

I posted a pic of it on instagram and facebook, but I am so excited by it that I want to share it here too. There is a desk, with room for my sewing machine, my computer, my scrapbooking things and my ipad, so I can watch foxtel on Foxtel GO while I am crafting!! 

Last night I decided that 9.00pm wasn't too late to make curtains for the family room, and I was right. I went up to my room and closed the door and wah la! One and a half hours later there were new curtains ready to be hung! Mind you, don't look too closely at them, or you will see that by the end I just wanted them done!

Now Daddy Mudpie just needs to put up the track for me and we will be rocking upcycled curtains in the family room!

This space is also going to be perfect for my scrapbooking that I am getting back into this year. As I mentioned earlier, I am doing the OLW challenge this year, and I finally decided on my word.

It is balance.

I need balance in my life in so many ways. Mostly hormonal! Which I understand isn't within my control...and I suppose that is part of my controlling nature that I want to fix even that.

But anyway...balance it is.

So as I go along with the challenges I will blog about them and show you some scrapbooking too. The challenges are monthly, so I should have time to do other scrapping during the month as well.

PLUS - I am going to start quilting and knitting this year if it the last thing I do!

Have a great Friday :)

Leanne xo

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  1. I think I may occassionally tell my wonderful daughter about her IMBALANCE with her over achieving tendencies.