Monday, 7 January 2013

Grateful: Where I live.

Sometimes it takes looking at your life through someone else's eyes to see just how much you have.

I visited the place I grew up last weekend. And I was homesick. I wanted that beach, that town, those shops and that life to be mine once more. I wanted it for my children. I started dreaming of ways to get back there and how we could move back...

Then I took a step back and really looked at what we have here.

This afternoon we again visited with our friends staying near us in a caravan park. We went to the beach 30 minutes from my home with them (across the road from the caravan park).

The kids played, they swam, they body-boarded, they dug in the sand. I looked at them and realised that this is their home. This is where they want to be. They don't care for my memories and that particular beach...they want to be wherever we are.

Our home is where we make it. I am grateful today for my home. For my friends and for the beach that is only 30 minutes from my home.

Leanne xo

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