Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Well another year over! And what a huge year it has been!!

We celebrated with some amazing and very loved friends until about 10 when we headed home, as Daddy wasn't feeling well.

We saw the new year in on our lounge watching the incredible fireworks on the television, Sydney sure knows how to turn it on on New Years Eve!

This morning we joined in on another family's tradition and went to the beach with them. It was strange waking up on New Years morning (earlyish) and not feeling yuck. I liked it!

We headed down to Boat Harbour Beach - where we hadn't been before, and it was lovely! The beach is sheltered and wasn't windy (for most of the time) and was perfect for the kids to play and 'learn to surf'!

We had lunch while Daddy had a sleep (yes he is still exhausted) and then we headed home to start cleaning up ready for Uncle Russell and Aunty Jodi to arrive.

We also have some special friends coming to visit us tomorrow, my best friend from when I was 2! She lives in the Central West of NSW now and we rarely get to see each other, so it is very special that we get to visit with her, not once but twice these holidays!

Stay posted for my Resolutions post coming up :)

Leanne xo


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