Friday, 4 January 2013

The opposite of prove.

It is interesting isn't it, that we automatically assume that to disprove is a negative thing? I suppose negate is a derivative of negative and it is a synonym of disprove.

I am doing the one little word (OLW) for 2013. I am taking Ali Edwards course.

I only discovered it the other day and so working out what my word will be for 2013 has been on my mind. I went searching for words, based on my post ideals from New Year's Day. I want to reconnect, yet disengage. I want to resolve and soften, disengage and decode. I reconnected with my thesaurus, which is a game I have missed without even realizing it.

Starting with one word and working my way through words until I end up so remotely far away it is almost the opposite, it happens often when I play the thesaurus game, but I always find a theme, which can give me a huge insight into where I am at that moment in time. Words have power in your life. One word is going to have a lot of power for me this year.

I noticed while I was on my word journey that words I connect with as positive in my life are synonyms with negative in the thesaurus...maybe this makes me strange, or it maybe the colloquialism of these words and the way they have been weaved into our lives and language that has led us to this opposite of meanings, for example (and not a great one at that) in my era everyone declared that things were 'sick'. Now I know I am old because that actually makes me feel sick!

I am still deciding on my word. I am going to choose a word that is positive to me.

Maybe it will be Sexyback. Or PartyRock. Or more likely one of the above words.

I am excited about seeing how I can grow this year, and how this will help my family. Bring on 2013!

Leanne xo

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