Wednesday, 10 April 2013


On Tuesday morning my big mudpie was taken to hospital (via ambulance - very dramatic really) after having an asthma attack. He was diagnosed with asthma when he was 2.

Since he was 2 we have not had a major attack like this. It wasn't really scary until we got to the emergency department and we realised how serious what was happening to him really was.

He is still in hospital and is there overnight again tonight. I will never underestimate asthma again. I feel so blessed that we were given this chance to realise how serious it can be, before it was even more serious for us. (They were talking ICU for a while - it was very scary).

I feel like I need to get it out there just how important it is for people with asthma to have an action plan and make sure it is known by those who need it and it is followed.

He has been so brave, but he didn't want to stay at the hospital. I am glad he did ;)

Thank you to all the staff at the hospital we are at. You have all been amazing, caring, non-judging and incredibly great at your jobs. Thank you.

Leanne xo

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  1. It is such a scary thing to happen to anyone. If anyone reading is ever unsure, go to hospital. A child dies every day here in west Australia from asthma attacks. Scares me senseless everytime aiden has a cold. Hope it doesn't happen again. Steph.