Sunday, 26 May 2013

We got chickens!

We actually got chickens. We have been talking about getting chickens for years. The coop was started 18 months ago and finished 17.5 months ago. I am not sure what happened...maybe we just needed to get our heads around owning chickens, I am not sure...but it took a long time before we got them!

The other day we went to the markets and there were chickens there. They were so cute and just before point of lay. I almost convinced Daddy Mudpie to get them then and there...he was stubborn though and insisted we do more to get the coop ready before we took them home.

The next weekend we went to the local chicken lady to see what she had...and we came home with the beginning of our flock!

They don't like me yet, but I am working on it! (Sultanas are helping)

Meet Fudge:

And Pipsqueak:

They aren't laying yet - we will probably get eggs towards the end of July - August, but we are so excited to be chicken owners - it just doesn't matter at this stage!

Fudge is slightly hormonal and is very distant from all of us but Pipsqueak is more relaxed and chilled...

We are also working on our vegie garden and we now have a lime tree. I am also in the process of convincing Daddy Mudpie that we need a mulberry tree near the chook pen....but I know I will have to save for that one ;)

Have a great week

Leanne xo

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