Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Years Resolutions.....or not!

I grew up loving New Years Resolutions, the energy that surrounds the going of an old year and the coming of a new year would have me dizzy for weeks! I would have lists and piles of things I wanted to achieve in the new year - most of which carried over from the previous year. As I settled into the calm of February and March and slipped back to my normal ways.

I went through a period at uni where I would make the resolutions as minimalist as possible, all the while still requiring a large amount of commitment and dedication to the cause.

When 2011 came to an end I made a decision not to have any New Years Resolutions - ever again (in retrospect this seems very much like its own resolution - but I digress). I was burnt out and rebelling against many many things.

When 2012 came to an end I decided to make my resolutions again. But this time it was simple. Live life more simply.

2013 served me well, and I feel I achieved my resolution, although these days I would rather refer to it as an intention. Resolution makes me feel that I should be changing myself in some way.

2013 was an amazing year of finding myself. For the first time in 9 years I was at home with only one child, and this time the child wasn't a baby but a 5 year old. Who could play with me, play by himself and be (a little) self sufficient. It was a year of realising what I really want from my life. It was a year where I lost a very very loved member of my family and this made me reassess (again) what it is I want to be, who I want my children to remember as their mum and what achievements, travels and activities are important for me to do before I die.

2013 set me on a journey towards self acceptance. I have met some amazing, lovely people who have shown me that it is ok to love me, as I am, because I am enough.

2013 was a year when my health improved and my wellbeing exponentially increased. I think this can help with the whole - I love myself thing - when you feel better in one area it is easier to feel better in others.

So what do you do with a year where you actually achieved your intention for the year?

You start to feel positive to make other intentions again, go back to the resolutions that you had as a child/teenager/adult? Not for me. The pull was there to grab onto this wave and ride through all sorts of resolutions. But I resisted and decided that simplicity in its form was the reason last years resolution was successful.

In reality, I figured, the year is going to be what it is anyway. I can try and guess what is going to happen, or I can surrender a little to the flow of the year and set my intention to grow and learn from my life as we go. I can set an intention that makes me happy inside, not fearful of failure.

This year I have another simple intention: "have less. do more. BE more."

This can mean anything I want it to. It will be the basis for most of my decisions through out the year.  (Along with my Core Desired Feelings).

I would also love to recommend three books that have helped me make these decisions - The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte, Inspired by Claire Obeid and Spirited by Tara Bliss and Rachel MacDonald. (No affiliations etc).

So I am declaring my resolution for all to see. To make it real and dedicate myself to it.

have less. do more. BE more. 

What are your resolutions?

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  1. Oh Leanne, we sound so similar!! What beautiful intentions for the new year! I hope it's a magical year for you and I can't wait to share your journey!!! Big love x

    1. Thank you Jane! I have been reading your stuff and feeling that we are similar too! Sending magical vibes to you (and feel better ones too) xo